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ReadyNAS Ultra 6: A Beta Tester’s Review

August 29th, 2010 — 5:33pm

The ReadyNAS Ultra Series is the most recent addition to NetGear’s ReadyNAS line of NAS (Network Attached Storage) Products. So far the Ultra 4 (4-bay unit) and Ultra 6 (6-bay unit) have been released with a 2-bay unit the Ultra 2 due in November and a faster 6-bay unit, the Ultra 6 Plus also due to be released in November.


My first ReadyNAS purchase was a ReadyNAS NV+. I found the NV+ great for storing my files and sharing them wirelessly with devices across my network. I was impressed with the device and realised that storing data on a single device is not a backup, so I purchased another NV+ to use as a backup to my main NV+. This setup works great for me.

So why have the Ultra Series?

The ReadyNAS NV+ is a great product with a great range of features. However with only minor differences compared with the NV released back in early 2006, the NV+ is not a fast NAS anymore. Whilst it was originally targeted at business users, with speeds in the 20-40 MB/s range over gigabit ethernet, it’s now targeted at entry level home users.

Of course, NetGear has released newer models since the ReadyNAS NV+. The ReadyNAS Pro, a 6-bay ReadyNAS, that is king of the desktop ReadyNAS line performance wise, and the ReadyNAS NVX, a 4-bay ReadyNAS are both great improvements over the ReadyNAS NV+. However these were introduced at price points that clearly indicated an intended market of business users, with home versions (the Pioneer) released later in reaction to unexpected demand from home users for the devices.

Whilst the NVX and the Pro are faster than the NV+, both consume more energy. With rising electricity prices and increasing costs of living, not to mention environmental concerns about energy usage, many would like to have the best of both worlds. A good balance between high performance and low energy usage. The ReadyNAS Ultra Series provides this. The Ultra 4 has slightly less energy usage than the NV+, whilst the Ultra 6 still uses more. The Ultra 4 and Ultra 6 are more power efficient than the NVX and Pro respectively. Continue reading »

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Unofficial Guide for Moving from Sparc ReadyNAS to x86 ReadyNAS

August 23rd, 2010 — 10:24pm

This guide can be downloaded here

What is this guide for?

You cannot migrate disks from a Sparc ReadyNAS to a x86 ReadyNAS as they are on different platforms. Normally, one of the great features of the ReadyNAS line is that when you want to move to a newer ReadyNAS you can make sure your array is redundant (i.e there are no dead or missing disks) then migrate to a newer ReadyNAS. See this FAQ entry on the ReadyNAS forum.

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August 23rd, 2010 — 7:46am

This website will have some unofficial guides, tips and tricks posted.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy this site.

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