This website will have some unofficial guides, tips and tricks posted.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy this site.

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  1. William White

    Nice work. I’ve had Mac’s since the 1980’s and 3 x ReadyNAS NV+ for some years. Initially with 500 GB, then 750 GB, 1 TB and just now 2 TB drives. This article and the posts I found on the ReadyNAS site are really clear, (patient) and thorough.

    Mostly I have a collection of ~1000 movies that I stream via iTunes and AppleTV.

    I live in the US now, although originally from London.

    I lived in Melbourne for 6 months in ’86 working with Cray at a Government site that subsequently relocated to Canberra. When I was in Melbourne I joined a local rowing club and we had a lot of fun and camaraderie.

    In the early MAC OSX 10.1, 10.2 days I became a regular poster and authority using Samba to print between MAC’s and PC’s. I got a kick out of figuring out the issues and then being able to help on the forums.

    From 10.3, Apple made all that work seamlessly and my “expertise” became pretty irrelevant. Plus it was taking too much of my time – all I wanted to do was print to the Mac printer from my Wife’s PC :-)

    Anyway – thanks for the good work – and you have certainly inspired me to look at the Ultra box…

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