Using Gmail with the ReadyNAS

Some Internet Service Providers block the internal email provider used by the ReadyNAS. A solution to work around this is to specify the SMTP settings for an email account e.g. Gmail (or Google Apps).

Here are the steps:

1. Create a Gmail (or Google Apps) email account.

2. In Gmail (i.e. when logged into or online into your Google Apps account), click the settings link in the top right hand corner.

3. Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

4. Make sure that at least one of POP or IMAP is enabled (don’t forget to save your changes).

Forwarding and POP\/IMAP Tab

5. In Frontview go to System > Alerts.

6. Enter your gmail email address as Alert Contact 1

7. Select Gmail as the email provider.

8. Enter your email address as the user and enter your password. The Advanced Options section should automatically be filled in for you.

System > Alerts

9. Apply your changes and send a test message. Make sure it arrives in your inbox. Then you’re done!

Legacy settings

The above settings are for RAIDiator 4.2.11 and later on x86 ReadyNAS and 4.1.7 or later on Sparc ReadyNAS. Older versions of RAIDiator will work differently. The gmail (or Google Apps) settings for those are as follows:

SMTP Port:587
Login Type:login
Use TLS:checked
Use STARTTLS:checked

Custom email settings

This guide is written for using Gmail or Google Apps. If you like you can try using a different email provider either via a preset (should work similar to configuring Gmail) or using custom email settings.

Using custom settings here are a few tips:

1. “Alert Contact 1″ should be the email address from which you are sending alerts.

2. Under Advanced Options make sure you are using the correct SMTP port for your email provider (it may not be the default port 25, you could try other common ports such as 587 and 465). Try both with and without TLS.

3. Under Advanced Options make sure in the From field you have the email address you are using to send email alerts (this may not be necessary but some ISPs may block email treating it as spam if the from address doesn’t match the account it is really being sent from).

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6 Responses to “Using Gmail with the ReadyNAS”

  1. Tony

    Fantastic, finally got the damned thing to work! many thanks

  2. Dave Jones

    For me it’s half fantastic. I did what you said and I now received the email alerts to my Gmail account, to my Hotmail account and to my wife’s Btconnect account. Unfortunately I can’t get any alerts to MY btconnect account.

    Any suggestions? It’s driving me mad. I know there’s only space for three addresses but my btconnect account is the main one I use and I would like to get it there.

  3. mdgm

    Have you checked the spam folder for your btconnect account?

  4. Jason Harrison

    One issue I had in getting this to work was my DNS/Router settings were set for an old network configuration and hadn’t been cleared out. If following the above steps, even setting them manually, doesn’t seem to work, be sure to check your Network settings. Especially Network > Global Settings > Default Gateway and DNS Settings.

  5. Snarf

    If you have enabled 2-step authentication on your account, don’t forget to setup an application specific password for your device.

  6. Alfonso Armenta

    Looks like the web interface doesn’t allow for passwords to be longer than 32 characters. If you have a longer password you’ll need to edit /etc/msmtprc file directly.

    This got me stuck for a few hours!

    Good luck!

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