My ReadyNAS Gear

Thought it was time to make a post posting My ReadyNAS Gear so I can please chirpa by shortening my signature on the ReadyNAS forum.

So here’s my gear:

2x RND4000 – ReadyNas NV+ Diskless. Hard Drives: 4x ST31500341AS (each NAS). RAM: 256MB (each NAS).

1x RNDU6000 – Ultra 6 Diskless. Hard Drives: 6x ST31500341AS. RAM: 1GB.

1x RND2000-200 – Duo v2 Diskless

1x RND2110-200 – Duo v2 with 1x1TB HDD

1x RNDU4000 – Ultra 4 Diskless

1x RNDP2000 – Pro 2 Diskless

1xRN10200 – ReadyNAS 102 Diskless

ReadyNAS 312

ReadyNAS 516 with 6x2TB Enterprise Drives

1x APC SMART-UPS 1000XL SUA1000XLI – USB monitoring cable hooked up to my Ultra 6 and monitored over my network by my main NV+ and Duo v2.

1x APC SMART-UPS 1000 SUA1000I – USB monitoring cable hooked up to my┬ábackup NV+.

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