Pro 2/Ultra 2/Ultra 2 Plus Boot Menu

Please see in the new ReadyNAS FAQ.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on my blog, one of the great features of the x86 ReadyNAS desktop line (NVX, Ultra, Pro) is that it uses a new improved boot menu:

However the instructions for this refer to a display with text on it. The latest additions to the ReadyNAS line, the 2-bay x86 models, namely the  Pro 2, Ultra 2 and Ultra 2 Plus don’t have a display, so you need to use the light patterns to select the appropriate boot option.

First you should familiarise yourself with the layout of the ReadyNAS box from diagrams found in the manuals:

Here are the instructions for using the Boot Menu (thanks to Chewbacca on the ReadyNAS forums):

2-bay Boot Menu

1. Power off the NAS.

2. Using a straightened paper clip, hold down the reset button (located on the back of the ReadyNAS).

3. Press the power button to turn on the NAS.

4. Continue to hold the reset button until all the lights are lit up (this happens after about 20 seconds).

5. Press usb backup button multiple times until you see the light pattern for the desired option.

6. Press the reset button again to confirm your choice.

Light Patterns:

  • Boot Menu – All lights lit
  • Normal – Power Led lit
  • Factory Default – Disk 1 Led Lit
  • OS Reinstall – Disk 2 Led Lit
  • Tech Support – USB and Backup Status Led Lit
  • Skip Vol Check – Power Led and Disk 1 Led Lit
  • Memory Test – Power led and Disk 2 Led Lit
  • Test Disk – Power Led and USB Led and Backup Status Led Lit

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4 Responses to “Pro 2/Ultra 2/Ultra 2 Plus Boot Menu”

  1. amac27

    What is the light pattern for USB boot recovery?

  2. mdgm

    Thanks for the question amac27. I don’t know. It should be similar as for the 4-bay and 6-bay desktop x86 ReadyNAS but just with two disk LEDs (see Unofficial ReadyNAS USB Recovery Guide for x86-based Systems). As USB Boot Recovery should only be done when tech support requests it, I’d suggest asking them for more info. You could perhaps also ask on the ReadyNAS forums and maybe one of the Jedi there will be able to tell you.

  3. Bear

    Hi there.

    I have random freezes on my brand new ultra 2, while copying large amounts of data to it. I suspect the memory as the cause.

    When i follow the guide and do a memory test on my ultra 2, the LED’s blink in the following order, one at a time:

    1. Power LED
    2. USB LED
    3. Disk 1 LED
    4. Disk 2 LED

    in a loop.

    How can i tell if the memory has passed or failed?



  4. mdgm

    Thanks for the question. I’m not sure of the answer to that question. Best to ask on the ReadyNAS forums. Also, if possible check what you see in RAIDar

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