How to get support for your ReadyNAS

There are three ways to get support for your ReadyNAS units. There is phone support and online support, the ReadyNAS forum and data recovery services. However there can be some confusion as to which of these options you should use. Let’s first consider these options one by one.

Phone Support –

This method should be used to get the fastest response. Also note that each ReadyNAS comes with 90 days of basic phone support.

During these 90 days you can get help for the basic setup of your unit. If you want additional phone support for software issues after the 90 days you should get a ProSupport contract. ProSupport Contracts are also useful for getting advanced help configuring your ReadyNAS in a business environment e.g. for use with VMWare ESXi.

Free phone support is still available for hardware issues such as processing RMAs after the first 90 days.

If you don’t wish to purchase additional phone support you can make an Online Submission

Online Submission –

These can be made for free to NetGear tech support regardless of whether you are still within the first 90 days since purchase or not.

Online Submissions to tech support are a good way to get help. It’s also nice that you can view your case history and past cases online and see all your registered NetGear devices listed.

ReadyNAS forums:

This is a great place to get help from the ReadyNAS community. The community consists of users (such as myself), some NetGear support staff and some Jedi. The Jedi develop the ReadyNAS products and work on the firmware and are thus more knowledgeable on the products than tech support.

The forum is helpful to get tips, a range of views on how to deploy your ReadyNAS and advice from fellow users in the community. Whilst the community does it’s best to help solve issues, sometimes issues are encountered that require expert attention from tech support. In these cases it is a good idea to post the case number (or RMA number, depending what you have) in your thread on the forum.

If you have an older NAS that is out of warranty, such as many of the Infrant models e.g. X6, 600, 1000S, NV, the forum can be particularly useful for getting help on fixing problems with your ReadyNAS.

Data Recovery Services

If things like multiple disk failures happen, you may need to consider using NetGear’s data recovery services. These are very reasonably priced compared with data recovery services you can get from third parties. You should note that there is an important step you can take to avoid the need to use such a service or at least reduce the likelihood of needing to use it. You should ensure you have multiple backups of important data, preferably with a copy stored off-site at all times. Take a look at Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss. NetGear tech support is great, but they can’t do the impossible. It’s your data so look after it.

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  1. Josh Kairoff


    I’m trying to find a recovery service for my infrant nv nas. I’ve been in contact with netgear, but there was no menction of a recovery service.

    Do you have any info on how I can contact and contract with an experience service provider?



  2. mdgm

    Thanks Josh for the excellent question. I’ve answered it here:

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