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How to tell whether I have a Duo v1 or Duo v2 or NV+ v1 or NV+ v2

January 9th, 2012 — 8:24pm

I’ve explained some of the differences in ReadyNAS Duo v2 – A beta tester’s review

To put it simply the v2 has a different CPU, different firmware, different add-ons, different feature set etc. The Duo v1 has an Infrant Sparc CPU whereas the v2 has an ARM CPU. A detailed comparison can be found in the Comparison Charts.

They are very different products and as the RAID format is different you cannot migrate disks across from the v1 to the v2 or vice versa so being able to tell the difference between the two can be quite important.

It can be confusing trying to tell which unit you have.

Firstly note that all Duo and NV+ systems purchased before Nov 13th 2011 will be v1 units.

Secondly note that the v1 units are typically advertised for sale as e.g. ReadyNAS Duo (without the v1) in the name and typically with a model number such as RND2000-100 (diskless Duo v1 unit) whereas the v2 units are advertised as e.g. ReadyNAS Duo v2 (with the v2 in the name) and typically with a model number such as RND2000-200 (diskless Duo v2 unit).

Thirdly and here’s where it gets confusing note that v1 units may have stickers on them saying e.g. RND2000 v2 or even RND4000 v3. Ignore these. These are not the way to tell whether you have a v1 or v2 unit. These stickers when on v1 units typically represent a minor hardware change. This information would be useful for NetGear diagnosing faulty units returned to them in exchange for a replacement, but does not affect the user experience.

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