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Duo/NV+ v2 – important u-boot update if using power timer

July 3rd, 2012 — 8:40pm

For the new Duo/NV+ v2 there is an important u-boot update.

On 5.3.3 or earlier, if you set the power timer and there is a power failure which lasts beyond the scheduled power on event, the NAS will fail to power on and need to be exchanged for another unit.

Should you wish to use the power timer, please ensure you have the new 2012 u-boot.

Update to 5.3.4 or later (may need to update twice), then download your logs (On the Dashboard, click Configure, then select Health > Logs > Download Logs) and extract the contents of the zip file. Take a look at bios_ver.log. You need the new u-boot dated 2012 (or a later one should a newer one be released).

If updating the firmware a few times doesn’t install the updated u-boot please backup your data and try a factory default (wipes all data, settings, everything).

If it still won’t update then contact NetGear tech support for assistance at

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