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ReadyNAS 516 – a prosumer perspective

August 4th, 2013 — 2:53pm

Disclaimer: I received a free 516 unit from NetGear with 6x2TB SeaGate enterprise disks installed.

The ReadyNAS  516 is a very, very powerful NAS. With an Intel Ivy Bridge i3 processor it is the fastest desktop ReadyNAS model ever. Moreover it comes with 4GB of ECC RAM, 4 times as much RAM as the previous generation.

The 516 runs ReadyNAS OS, the new OS for NetGear’s latest line of ReadyNAS products. This new OS uses the new filesystem BTRFS and comes with a number of new features such as ReadyCloud, unlimited snapshots, free anti-virus etc. Looking at reviews of the new OS there are more features expected to come such as the ability to create encrypted volumes.

With 6 drive bays and the ability to hook up to 3 EDA500 units, the 516 currently supports up to 6 drives internally and 5 drives in each EDA500 unit. So it supports 21x4TB drives. With 5TB drives expected later this year, the amount of capacity the 516 can hold can be expected to increase even further.

The 516 has 3 eSATA ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports and two gigabit ethernet ports. It also features an expansion slot and a HDMI port for possible future use.

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